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      Amidst the era of globalization and high-speed economic development of China, NIKKO design has always attached importance to urban cultural deposits, cared about the natural environment, and explored humanistic connotations to strive to create new modern buildings with insight and territorial features when confronted with tremendous opportunities and challenges.

      NIKKO design advocates the creation attitude of perfection and insists on the systematic study of territorially “suitable” construction and “local” materials. Advanced technologies and modern architectural languages are applied for restructuring and improvement. Also, the company persistently explores solutions and effective strategies to handle the relationship between city and building and practically implements them to the construction process.

      With an international vision and abundant and diversified capacity, NIKKO design has gathered a group of professionals who are passionate for architectural creation. It has established a design team with sense of responsibility and creativity and equally high theoretic and design skills in order to maintain continuous creation passion and pioneering capability.

      Shanghai NIKKO Architectural Consultation CO., LTD.
      Shanghai Xingtian Architectural Design Firm
      Shanghai Boxing Architectural Design CO., LTD.
      Shanghai Xingtao Construction Structural Design Firm
      上海 IDEC 建筑設計咨詢有限公司 (東京/上海)
      TOKYO/Shanghai IDEC International Design & Engineering Consultation

      聯 系 人: 瞿小姐
      公司地址: 上海楊浦區大連路970號海上海新城1203-1209室
      電子郵件: nikko888@126.com(請注冊成為個人會員填寫標準簡歷進行投遞)

      公司網址: www.nikkoaa.com/cn

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